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Jawatan Kosong Kerajaan 2011

Cukup cukup la tu cari kerja kerajaan kat internet. Banyak lagi kerja boleh dapat kat luar tu. Sibuk dikejarkan kerja kerajaan yang sarapan sampai 2 kali tu, padahal banyak lagi peluang yang terhidang depan mata. Nak tak nak saja.

Dah lama rasanya tak menaip dalam english. Tapi nak menaip malas pula. Aku kopipes sajalah dari catatan aku semasa friendstertengah kuat dulu, boleh? So here goes.

Is Title so Important?

So, this is my second time posting my humble thoughts in English. As I said earlier in a previous post, I will again type in English if and only if the thing that I want to share is relevant to be typed in English.

Being so skema, am I?

Mind you, this is the period of me trying to improve my English. One way to achieve that is by willingly, without any external force, loading myself with excessive amount of English articles from Wikipedia, blogs, papers and many other sources from the internet. All of them in just one click away. Convenient, is it?

This sudden English-mode that I am into, it is not because that I want to impress others with my ‘broken English’, but this act is a mustfor me, since I have a housemate from Thailand who cannot speak Bahasa Malaysia as fluently as everybody else inside the house. So it is like a chicken talking to a duck almost every time we converse in Bahasa.

Well, I lied.

Dude, he is from Thailand, a country very next to us. And after being here for about 4 years, obviously his Bahasa is acceptable for us. Plus, his father was from Kelantan, adding points for his not-so-fluent Bahasa.

But then, there are still some difficulties for me and my housemates. It is due to the fact that there are many market terms or Bahasa Pasar that he still does not understand. Terms like jimbit, kepala otak, mucuk??, and others that we all Malays should know, are very alien for him. He, knowing the importance of understanding all these terms, keeps asking us every time he heard us pronounce a new word.

“Mok, ape tu jimbit??”

Clueless as I also do not know the exact meaning.

In other story:

“aku nak pegi jusco ni, nak beli tiram

tiram? What the hell you want to buy tiram?? You want to cook or what?”

“It’s for me to sleep la dude! The tiram I have now is so fucked up !”

“lol.. It’s not tiram, it’s tilam dude!! Mattress kan?”


And we were laughing, rolling our asses on the floor.

Above is just one of many hilarious conversations we ever had since we started living under the same roof about 3 month back.

Although he is always being laughed by others, but his passion of learning our language is a thing I really admire. He never feels offended every single time we laugh at him about his words. Instead, he too, laughed. After we all stop laughing then will he ask for meaning of the words. Eventually, his knowledgeof Bahasa increase, but still can be very laughable at times. Hey, at least he does not pronounce mattress as tiram, anymore.

By time, I noticed that it is important for me to improve my English so that I can easily explain to him any Malay word which he does not understand. It is not a very good move to explain the words in Bahasa Malaysia as he would take more time to understand the meaning. And is is indeed a very bad move if I am trying to explain the meaning in Thai language, don’t you agree?

Thus, this is me, improving my English so that I can converse better with him. But this is not the time when there is a teacher that will tell me this and that, correct my grammar or anything. This is the time for me to learn English on my own. Is it too late for me to start practicing English in a serious way? You tell me.

*please correct me if you find any grammar mistake during reading this post.


The writings above were posted on my previous blog, which is hosted by friendster, during my internship in Kuala Lumpur. How I missed such days, living a carefree life, with not much responsibilities and all.

Can anyone teach me how to travel in time, please?

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Tanpa Nama berkata...

"during my internship in Kuala Lumpur" is like 2 years back kan mok??Try follow blog 'budu dan belacan"..she encourage people to write in english & bonus part: she may help you to check your grammar. :D

dannn aku pon tetiber menulis komen dalam BI..good job mok!