Isnin, 7 Februari 2011

How to Lose Weight in 48 seconds

Most of my friends know that I used to be fatter or gemok or any sort of word that you can associate with the word fat. Even my blogger profile named MOK as I am generally known for that name. As far that I can recall, people around me started to call me MOK since form 1, when I entered a boarding school. You all know that boarding schools are good for giving out outrageous nicknames and unfortunately I'm the part of it.

Thus the name MOK stays until today. Along the line, I tend to change the spelling to make it look cooler or just simply to hide the fact that the name is corresponding to my actual weight. The most popular one is MOCK. The not-so-popular ones, maybe if I can list them up here are; Moque, Mockey mockey cutie cutie (??), mockingbird, mokacak dan sebagainya. And I just found out one new spelling, MOKURUS. Cool kan? Macam Setan.

So what's with the above story?

During my convocation ceremony which happened several months back, I managed to make my uni friends astonished, (so much with the bombastic word la kan?) with my new look. Almost all of them said like the below phrases to me, and my ears seems to be very pleased to hear them.

"Perghh MOK kurus sial ko!"
"Weh babi MOK aku tak boleh terime sial kekurusan ko camni. Babi aa ko!"
"Ko makan ape MOK? Dedak ayam ke? Ape rahsie ko nih?"
"Jusmate5 ke MOK?"

and many other praises and curses that I cannot remember.

But the most ultimate of all those praises was;

"MOK ko semakin kacak bergaye disukai ramai doh!! Awwww!!"


Hey why don't you try this out, go to Google and type:

how to

I bet that "how to lose weight" will show itself among the suggestions that follow the "how to" you typed earlier. Pity me since I have no connection to internet in my office. I cannot show you the proof to my statement above. Just try it lah weh don't waste my time. No need for me to do it for you and print screen and then open Paint and then paste and then cut and then paste it again in blogger wadefak zzz. Well it shows just how much fat people around the world are concern with the weight, and it happened to me as well.

I manage to lose around 13kg of my body weight during my intensive diet regime (intensive lah sangat). The number on the scale turned out from 96kg to 83kg and please, I don't want to talk about the time taken to achieve that number. I personally believe that, the amount of fat you manage to lose is far more important rather than you mumble and whine about how long to do this and that to look slimmer. To lose weight healthy is to lose them slowly, not by drastic measures like cutting away your belly fat using kitchen knife.

In order for you, my fat readers, not the slim ones, to lose weight healthy and effectively is first, you must have knowledge. Yes people. Knowledge. Knowledge is power. Power is Power Rangers yeay! How to acquire knowledge? GOOGLE PLEASE!!!! All those ads about slimming pills, slimming milk, losyen halia, Justmate 5, are just useless and not worth your money and time. All you need to have is a decent internet connection, PC and time for you to read thousands of slimming articles online. Losing weight means diet. Diet means eat less. Eat less means you save money. Then you spend your saved money to buy slimming junks. Isn't it just plain stupid?

I won't talk about the science of losing weight here. Google can help you with that. The thing that i want to share is that it is not hard for us to lose weight. Seriously dude, if you think that getting the ugly fat out of your body is harder then wake up in the morning, go hit yourself with a hammer please. Dieting is not about starving yourself to death, or running like crazy around the park, or just anything painful that you usually relate to dieting. It's just as easy as taking your lunch, with some proper consideration, of course.

In fact, the hardest part of losing your weight is to keep losing it. Yes, to start is easy. If you do it correctly, you'll feel the difference in just about two or three months. Your tummy won't bulge out as it used to be. The lipatan lemak that you used to play around when you're bored is not there anymore. Your jeans is loosening. The best part of it is people will greet you with "Weh MOK lame tak nampak eh apsal kurus ko ni sakit ke?". You start to feel happy about it and celebrate by eating like shit. At first you think like "ala sikit je ni esok makan sikit la cover balik kalori aku" or "Tak ape makan banyak malam ni nak main futsal ngap ngap ngap sedap sial pizza nih!". By the time you realize that, you just forget about all your diet regime and back to your old-self. This is happening to me right now. What to do weh lapar....

Basically the rules that you should obey to lose you weight are:

1. Set your target. Realistic target, please.
2. Know what you eat. Take time to read the nutritional table on the packaging.
3. Move Move Move. Increase your movement. Simple yet continuous is great enough.
4. Discipline yourself. Fix your daily eating schedule.
5. Be patient. Don't expect to lose 16kg just because you starve yourself for one whole week.

That's it, peeps. Believe me. Follow the above rules with solid knowledge from Mr. Google, you'll be Kacak Bergaya Disukai Ramai like me in no time.

Jogging jom?